Where we are

Two tram lines pass just 150 metres from the building:

The tram no. 19 (yellow) will take you Villa Borghese ( Bio Parco stop) , Piazza Del Popolo ( Flaminio stop) and Saint Peter's.
The tram no.3 will take you to The Colosseum, Saint John's Cathedral and Trastevere.


The express bus no.80 which stops just behind our home (P.Dalmazia) will take you to Piazza Barbierini (just 3 stops) and to the heart of Rome Piazza Venezia (just 6 stops).
The bus no.38 which stops just behind our home (P.Dalmazia) will take you Termini Station ( Rome's central station) in just 10 minutes.


The nearest metro station Policlinico (B line) is just 750 metres from our home and 4 stops away on either the No. 3 or 19 tram.


 Villa Borghese ( the park) and its magnificent museum, Villa Torlonia, the Coppedè area, the Saint Agnese complex, the Saint Costanza Maosuleum and the Priscilla Catacombs are all within easy walking distance.
The Sapienza University , The Luiss and the Link University are also nearby.


Guest House Queen Meg in Rome
Viale Regina Margherita, 145  -  00198 Rome (Italy)

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